More to Say About Variegated Threads

Imagine, me with more to say about a subject! This time, I’ve gone too far the other way. In the cretan stitch in the example below, I used Caron Wildflowers in a light blue to lavender colorway (the tag has gone hiding). It has a very subtle color swing. The thread looks gorgeous on the skein, but when I did the actual stitching, you really can’t tell it’s variegated. So, why bother? Another live and learn thing I guess. That’s not to say that the Wildflowers aren’t worth getting. I have a fabulous purple, #006 Amethyst, that will make great grapes. The color swing is wider on this one, and since grapes don’t all get ripe at the same time, it will add lots of character to my next batch of grapes. Probably better even than beads, though as a total bead junkie, I might find that difficult. I love beads, big ones, little ones, teeny tiny ones, but that’s another subject entirely.varex3crop.jpg

While we’re still on the subject of varigated threads, another Caron, #063 Black Forest, has huge potential for tree trunks. This one really does have a narrow color swing, but with lots of stitching in a small area, it will be perfect. It might even save me from blending two different strands of regular brown floss together to get a good bark texture. I selected only a few skeins of this brand, on the excuse that I wanted to be able to have good examples of the differences in characteristics when I teach, but it would have been very easy to go hog wild with all the pretty colors. Tonight I feel like road testing that brown blend on a tree trunk. I’ll be back with a report sooner or later.

Until next time….


5 Responses to More to Say About Variegated Threads

  1. Jo in NZ says:

    I tend to aviod verigated thread for the same reason. I appreciate your thoughts on this and will be back to see what other pearls of wisdom you have to pass on.
    Welcome to the blogosphere, I think you’ll fit right in.

  2. pam says:

    Hi Janet,
    Interesting what you have to say about varigated threads. Here in UK the threads like Dmc/ anchor etc are the opposite we find. It is such a huge colour jump that it looks too ”vivid” and gory.
    It would be ok if the lenghs of colours were long enough to ”chop” and use for different embroidery projectsbut they are not.
    Never tried Caron threads.

    Oh you too are a bead addict like me…. oh dont they just shine!!!!!! I have them out on table just to look at the beads and play lol! take so long playing I dont get around to a project :O) who cares…al relaxing.
    Hugs pam

  3. LouAnne says:

    I agree about most commercial varigated threads. That’s why it is SO much fun to dye your own!

  4. June says:

    Hi Janet,
    I was surfing this morning and found your blog. Have you seen the DMC variations? The color swing on these is very short. Unfortunately, they don’t have very many colors yet. June

  5. Janet says:

    Thank you for writing, June. I did get a chance to see the new DMC variations. They look pretty good, though I haven’t had a chance to try any of it yet. It’s nice to have some more choices available in in non-solid color threads.

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