When is Enough Enough?

From time to time the question arises: “How do I know when I’m done embellishing my crazy quilt?”

My first response to that is to say that ‘doneness’ is often determined by a deadline. The wedding is tomorrow, the birthday is next week, the store owner is anxious to get the class sample before the newsletter goes out.

Though deadlines are the number one cause of ‘doneness,’ other things may decide when you’ve done enough on your crazy quilt.

You may have done enough on your crazy quilt when: You have a small stash and have run out of thread to work with and things to put on. This will probably only happen to you once.

You may have done enough on your crazy quilt when: The project is Christmas ornaments and you want to hang them on your tree for at least one day before you take it down for Valentines day.

You may have done enough on your crazy quilt when: You yawn uncontrollably every time you pick it up and start daydreaming about your next 10 projects. Sometimes you just have to let go…

You may have done enough on your crazy quilt when: You start calling it ‘that damn crazy quilt.’

You may have done enough on your crazy quilt when: The recipient sees it, loves it and just can’t wait to have it. Unless you tell, no one will ever know how much you meant to put on it.

You may have done enough on your crazy quilt when: You like it just the way it is.

wyosample1sent.jpgThe photo is a block I used for the brochure for Quilt Wyoming, the annual conference of the Wyoming State Quilt Guild. A deadline forced me to send the photo to the class coordinator before I might have wanted to, but for all intents and purposes, it’s done. That is until you spot a few places that could stand a little more. The gold trim could do with a little jazzing up, as could the feather stitch in the upper right hand corner, and the double herringbone on the right side of the victorian lady print. Oh, and I have a little butterfly for the orange floral motif in the center of the block. Oh, and there’s the lace below that flower motif. It could use a little something on the straight edge. See what I mean? Done isn’t really done until you put the binding on the quilt. But wait, I have a wallhanging I meant to do more on, but a deadline forced me to put on the backing and binding before I did everything I wanted to, and I haven’t touched it since. And I’m not taking it apart to ‘finish’ it.

Until next time…


5 Responses to When is Enough Enough?

  1. DD says:

    Janet I think the block is beautiful just as it is. Of course my taste is more conservative than most people doing CQ embellishing. :O)

  2. Charlene says:

    Your block is beautiful – I only wish there was a much closer shot to study!! One thing that is really impressive to me is delicate stitching, and yours are awesome! Did I miss the size of this block?

  3. Janet says:

    Charlene, thank you so much for your kind words. The block is 10″ by 10″, and you can see closer scans at sewunique.com on the Gallery 4 page. I do like the fine threads and small beads, and sometimes have a really difficult time using larger materials.

  4. Gerry says:

    This block is just lovely. It’s such an amazing assortment of stitching. Just beautiful.

  5. Candi says:

    What can I say that hasn’t been said?? It’s absolutely gorgeous!! Your work is marvelous I love coming here:)

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