Ribbon Roses

Today on the Hand-Embroidery list, we were talking about ribbon roses, and what different types of ribbons were suitable. Of course silk comes to mind, but you can use other types of ribbon as well. I’ve used both single and double faced polyester satin ribbon, gros grain ribbon, and wire edge ribbon. Ombre ribbon creates a nice effect when making folded ribbon roses.

This photo is the lapel of a men’s sportcoat that I jazzed up a bit. The original inspiration came from watching a guest on the Carol Duvall show. She had several blazers dressed up with a variety of materials. While she used fabric glue – gasp!! I elected to sew all my embellishments onto the jacket. Some of the materials used are vintage, and I wanted to be able to reuse them later if I got tired or something happened to the jacket. The white trim around the edges is rayon bobbin lace, the likes of which I’ve never seen before or since. blazer1.jpg

The top bright pink ribbon rose and the third bright pink one down are made with gros grain ribbon. Most of the rest of them are made with single face satin ribbon in various widths. Add a little greenery with ribbon leaves and tendrils, and you get a nice layout. I tucked in a few silver toned buttons here and there for visual interest. Though the photo doesn’t do a good job with colors, the jacket is a dark gray pinstripe and all the embellishments are in the pink-mauve-burgundy family.

On the opposite side of the jacket there are fewer things, but I didn’t want the two sides to look alike. There’s a piece of vintage tatting, a wired ribbon rose or two, some leaves and a really cool old glass button. The velvet flower is made of velvet ribbon, gathered tightly on one edge, formed into a circle and then stitched down around the outer edge. A pearl button finishes the center.blazer3.jpg

On the pocket below, I used some vintage lace that appeared to be from a cuff of a blouse. Below that is some soutache braid that had a bit of metallic woven into it. The burgundy trim on both lapels is a purchased soutache braid. The color on the photos isn’t very good, which is why I usually scan my work instead of snapping pictures. This time however, there was too much dimension for it to scan well, so I used the digital camera. A newer camera with a macro setting is on my shopping list.

Until next time…


3 Responses to Ribbon Roses

  1. Susan says:

    I love what you did here. For years, I’ve heard that only silk should be used, but your picture proves that, at least for some purposes, other ribbons will work, too. Thanks!

  2. Linda, Dallas, GA says:

    This is so adorable and it is the type of project that you can just make-up on your own. I love it. Just use what you have and if you never through anything away like me you are only limited by your imagination! How clever to do this.

  3. Candi says:

    I love the roses on the jacket!!! What a wonderful idea! I’ve done the lace but never all the beautiful things you’ve done with it! You’re so full of such awesome ideas! Thanks sooooo much for sharing them!

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