A Finished Tree

As promised, only just yesterday, I’ve finished the tree motif, and can call that little section of the project complete. The same cannot be said of the rest of the block, but you’ve got to start somewhere. And then, if you’re me, skip around a bit. This project is the “outer shell” of a hussif I have designed for carrying around my sewing tools. It should probably be made of something more durable, but this was the whim at the time I was designing the project, and I intend to go along with the original plan and finish this block for its intended use. I did make another, with the outer shell being a pretty green suede, scavenged from a pair of shorts purchased just for the purpose of recycling the leather. This is what the interior of the hussif looks like. hussifintmain400.jpg A hussif is old English for housewife, and refers to the sewing kit carried by soldiers for repairing their uniforms. I wanted something I could keep basic tools in all the time, and not have to go looking for them. I made another one, so I could document the pattern as I went along. hussifgreenopen.jpgThis one is configured a bit differently inside, as I’m using this one for my knitting tools. It works very well, and I’ve enjoyed having it in my knitting bag. Right now it’s at my local quilt shop, as the sample for a class I’m teaching later this month.

I need to explain the odd looking curved stripe in the upper pocket. I was down at my LQS where I sew most Thursdays, and had just grabbed some scraps to use to make this one. One of the scraps was the discarded back of a jacket I made for myself some time ago. I got the piecing arrangement backwards on this one, and had to make another. This piece ended up in the scraps and I had intended to just cut a piece of fabric the right size from the piece. My good friend Pam suggested I incorporate the curve, and it was a great idea.

Oh, I was talking about the tree, wasn’t I? See how easily I get sidetracked? Okay, so here’s the tree, in its little field, complete with bird, fence and a few flowers. tree4.jpg I really like the effect of adding some ‘environment’ for the tree, it gives it a little more character. Pardon the fuzziness, I usually have better luck scanning rather than photographing, but this one’s blurry on the left side. This is most likely because I didn’t use a hoop, and we have a little puckering going on.

While we’re talking about variegated thread, we’ll see a bit later that it isn’t the best thing for bullions, but I should have expected that. Meanwhile, here’s an excellent use of variegated thread, by Debbie of Needle Lil More Time to Sew. Scroll down to the September 2nd entry on the muscari flower. What a great flower and great control of the medium. Oh, and look, I learned how to put links in my blog.

Until next time…


2 Responses to A Finished Tree

  1. Esther says:

    Janet Janet Janet…. I feel ike your sister in creative joys. I Love this tree and your blog is so informative and fun. I too jump around with creative inspiration. Yesterday i was at my daughter’s soccer game crocheting a pineapple shawl with some varigated Noro string yarn. But I see that i now want to make my own tool kit with lush embroidery on the outside and bead too of course. Thank you for this blog!

  2. Debby L. says:

    Hi Janet, I love your tree can I copy it!!! Pritty please. Hugs Debby PS Make yourself a CQ and use up all those treads. That way it is speical for you and you wont feel like you misused it.

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