First in a Series

In my first post, I explained that my original reason for starting a blog was to document my “embellishment extensions,” taking a simple embellishment and adding to it to create an even better effect. This embellishment is a simple piece of venise lace, originally ecru in color. I used permanent calligraphy pens to dye it green. I do this by wetting the lace, then dabbing the ink on and letting it sit for a few minutes. I often do this from the back side of the lace. The color bleeds around the lace nicely, and if you don’t get enough color, you can simply hit it with the pen again. The color of the pen I used is called ‘evergreen’ and is quite a dark color. After allowing it to bleed around the lace, the color is a lovely soft green.fern1.jpg

After tacking the lace down with silk thread (which is nearly transparent when you make tiny stitches) I placed a detached chain stitch in most the little dimples at the ends of the fronds. I felt that it needed something more, so I added some red-pink lined transparent irridescent beads to the base of each stitch. The beads are more glitz and shine than visible as actual beads. I auditioned several beads before choosing them. fern2.jpg I often buy transparent beads, which I then have trouble using because they don’t show up on the fabric. This is most often a problem when working with dark fabrics, which I tend to use more than light colors. However, in this example, the transparent beads are just what I needed.

Until next time…


2 Responses to First in a Series

  1. Susan says:

    I love the stitching you used to tack down the lace.

  2. Eve says:

    I just discovered your blog from my hand embroidery site….now you are in my favs…love your blog…

    I will have to try that on the lace..I have a piece of that very same lace, somewhere in my stash….thanks.

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