And Now for Something Completely Different

I’m off on a different subject today, my other love, knitting with beads. The purse in progress below is knitted with Omega Nylon Crochet Thread (#2) and size 8/0 seed beads on size 0 needles. When completed, it will have a 6″ snap open internal frame that fits in the casing hidden behind the solid strip of beads. I’m shooting for about a 6″ length, so it will be roughly square. sixinchpurse.jpg I tend to alternate between knitting and crazy quilting, with the frequent departures off on tangents of beading, or other needlework related pursuits. The color in real life is quite pretty, a pale pink with amethyst silver lined beads. There really aren’t any patterns for this thread, so I’m designing as I go. I’ve done a similarly styled coin purse that I’m enjoying very much and is holding up very well to everyday use. I like designing as opposed to working from a pattern, though when I knit clothing, I still prefer to have a pattern to help at least form the basic structure, even if I select yarn that is totally different in size and texture.

Until next time…


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