Beaded Critters

First, I’ve amended my previous post on finishing projects with a photo of a finished project. Ta Da!! I can’t say I’ve completely gotten the hang of the new digital camera, or even come close, but I’ve managed to snap a couple of really nice shots. I think it’s so very cool that you can snap as many photos as you want and then just delete the ones you don’t like, which for me was most of them. Of course the other great thing about the camera is that I’m no longer restricted to flat objects that can be placed in the scanner.

That said, I’ve taken a photo of a tiny beaded lizard that I put on a pincusion made from a tin can. The lizard is made in the same technique used to make beaded critters, and also Victorian style beaded flowers.

Beaded Lizard

This one is done with emerald green transparent seed beads with an AB finish, and a couple of black beads for the eyes. I used high strength Berkeley brand fishing line, which makes a great critter but it is easier to do them with fine gauge wire when getting started. Once complete, I tacked it down to the pincushion. These are fun to do, and I think the result is pretty cute. A look around the internet will find patterns for lots of beaded critters.

Until next time…


8 Responses to Beaded Critters

  1. Lillian says:

    He is adorable! I love him. =)

  2. Charlene says:

    How cute he is!! Great pic, too. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Virginia says:

    I love the tiny lizard!

  4. BRENDA MINOR says:

    I can remember when my DD made some of these when she was little and in one of those after school programs. Her’s were all purple or pink. I think she did one red one. I wonder if she remembers how to do it? At any rate, yours looks fantastic! He’s a real cutie…..


  5. Renate says:

    CUTE! Ive been lookin for a lizard like that all day! Thanks! Now I’ll be able to make one of my own 😀

  6. Andrea says:

    I hope you don’t mind, but I am using your photo (and giving you credit) for a post on Bead Critters in my blog about Generation Y memories. If you have a problem with this, please contact me and I will take it down.

    -Andrea G

  7. Anonymous says:

    May I have a description of a process to make this tiny lizard? My VIP friend is a lizard fan and I would be very happy to make one for him. 🙂

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