Welcoming Myself Back

Okay, here I am, finally back at if after too long away. I could use many excuses for taking so long to get back to my blog. First, I could say it was Christmas, and there was a need to keep my projects secret until after then, but that was long ago and certainly doesn’t hold any water at this point. I could say I’ve been busy, but I’m always busy, so that one really won’t do it, either. So, no excuses, I’m just glad to get back to it. I wrote the opening two paragraphs once already this morning, but WordPress decided to have it for breakfast and I’m starting over.

Below is a photo of a jacket I made for my mother while I was visiting her last month. Like most of my projects, there’s a story behind the garment. I was looking at garments in the Lorraine Torrance booth at the Sewing & Stitchery Expo in Puyallup, Wash. in early 2005. I was standing around mostly yawning while my mom tried on some jackets when the Quattro Curves jacket caught my eye. Mom’s Red JacketThe sample in my size was done in rayon batiks with a solid navy blue for the main part of the jacket. It looked great, hung beautifully, and while I don’t remember for 100% sure whether the sample was for sale, if it was, I should have bought it. Being the maverick that I am, I almost never want to exactly recreate something, but this one was an exception. I didn’t buy the batiks right then and there, as I should have, because I was sure I could easily find them elsewhere at the show or in Seattle’s fabric shops. Wrong. Wrong. Really, really wrong. We spent the rest of the weekend looking and calling around asking about rayon batiks, and I still came home empty handed. While scouring about Seattle looking for the rayons, we did find some lovely cottons for mom’s jacket however. Here I am, two years later, with one completed jacket. Not mine, though. I am happy to say I did find the rayon batiks I wanted this year while I was at the Expo, having made the search for such a priority. It will be quite some time before I get mine started even, but such is life. My mother tells me regularly that she receives many compliments when she wears the jacket, including an electrician who offered to trade his entire tool box for it. While showing photos of the jacket at our Fiber Guild’s meeting last week, I received some nice feedback as well, including comments that my mother is an attractive woman. I hope I look as good as she does when I’m 82.

Well, I’m not promising to be back soon with more posts, but I do hope I will be. Until next time…


3 Responses to Welcoming Myself Back

  1. Kay Susan says:

    It’s a super jacket, and your Mum clearly enjoys wearing it!

  2. It’s absolutely beautiful. I love the purse below as well

  3. jenny says:

    Well done very good jackets. Congra.Jenny

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